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Last Update: 20 Nov 2011

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Los Angeles Safe & Vault

Robert "Bob" Stabley (Owner)
110 San Lorenzo Street
Pomona, Ca. 91766

     Office: (909) 620-5168
Toll Free: (800) 452-7233

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We also have another site for those of you in the
Safe & Vault opening & repairing business. 

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Los Angeles Safe and Vault also presents:
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We are distributors for the Vac-Rig, After Market
 Strong Arm Plates, and Globaloks.


For Shipping Costs Please Note

Due to the many different weights of our products and the fact that we ship our products World Wide, it is impossible to place a shipping cost on the invoice when you purchase one or more items.  Therefore we are forced to create a second invoice just for shipping.  You will be notified of the cost of shipping prior to the item(s) being shipped from our store.

I thank you for understanding.           


Products Inventory

Bolt Drill Guide

Safe Jack

Punch Set

Bolt Extension

Bullet Rig Quick Disconnect

Drill Hole Location Templates

Handle Holder

Keith Knott's Tool


The Moose

Electronic Safe Lock

Vault Pick

Scoping Tool

Retro Fit

Mini Rig Quick Disconnect

Bullet Quick Feed

Hardplate Busters

Vacuum Base Rig

Compound Slide

Best Capping Press

"Drill Adapter" price $150.00

Drill Adapter



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